How to get visitors to your site and blog from Reddit for free

How to get visitors to your site and blog from Reddit for free

How Bring visitors to your site from site reddit Reddit Free It is one of the easy and professional ways in the world toBring visitors to the blog where this traffic is distinguished by being TRUE And Dhu High quality while you can bring in tens or hundreds of thousands visits per month, as you can count on Backlink strong site.

Get visitors to your site from Reddit

Articles in different fields and even videos can be published on reddit, which is one of the easiest sites to work on Bring visitors to your site In thousands, and as we said, what is distinguished in it is high-quality visits, at the same time, visitors are very interested in our site, and what is distinguished in the site is that it has a very simple and easy-to-use interface, and it is considered a fabulous place to obtain high-quality information, as it is located on the site There are many pages or profiles, and here it is called Subrediit, where you can find many of them to follow them up and get access to everything new that is published in them, and therefore every time you become a subscriber to the Reddit thread, you can follow them, and make recommendations up or down for topics, and of course there are active and inactive ones And it varies from field to field.

How do we bring visitors to your site via Reddit?

1 – How Reddit works with the aim of getting visitors to your site for free

Like all social networking sites, the site may seem complicated at first and I do not understand anything about it, and I remember the first day I registered on the site, I did not understand anything and thought it was old, but the opposite happened after I discovered the characteristics of this site, and I regretted that I wasted my time in publishing without Getting Bring visitors to your site Free of charge, and of course, since the site is filled with hundreds of millions of visitors per month, this explains one thing, which is that we have a treasure in our hands that we must quickly identify and we do not have time to waste it.

  1. In the first point indicated by the number 1, we find the subreddit that we have subscribed to, and by clicking on the drop-down list, a list of all the subreddits that you have subscribed to will appear to us, and it will appear to us according to the most recent posts and the latest publication, and this is a very beautiful and useful thing for us in the old stages .
  2. In the second box, according to the image, we have 3 options, where I can get random posts, all posts, or popular posts only.
  3. In the third box, the Reddit thread that we are most interested in appears to us, and thus shows us the latest posts in it.
  4. Here we find karma points, which are the secret to bringing visits to your site, so focus on them very much! It also shows me messages and other personal information.
  5. In the fifth field, you can control, like any site, the way the results appear on the site.
  6. The next box is to do a publishing process where we can publish a link or publish writings only, and of course after a period of publishing and obtaining a positive vote and karma points, a third option will open before us that allows us to open our own Reddit thread, and this is also one of the most important points of obtaining Hundreds of thousands of visitors per month, and even the possibility of obtaining backlinks on strong sites that you want to publish on your Reddit thread, by requesting that in exchange for publishing with you.
  7. A last and very important field, where it shows us the latest posts, the subreddit in which it was published, and it shows us the person who posted it and the link that directs it to, and we find, for example, when it was published and others and the number of comments, and of course the most important thing on the left is the image upvote or downvote And this is the key to bringing traffic to your site from Reddit, so we see in the picture that an article got more than 17 thousand points, meaning that it got the least 100 thousand visits or more, from the most powerful countries in the world ♥ Do not forget the strong backlink that will improve its ranking in engines search .
How Reddit works to get visitors to your site for free

2 – The right way to work and bring visitors to your site from Reddit

The previous picture shows us a very important point, which is the simplicity of the interface of the site, and the most important thing is the karma points that allow us to publish in a famous or powerful subreddit, and of course we will learn the correct way to work, especially for people who work on Western content, whether it is In order to bring visits to your site or increase YouTube views, and if you work with the Arabs, the traffic will be less because they are less active on the site, but you can adopt the same method on the strong Arab forums in your field.

The right way to work and get visitors to your site from Reddit

3 – How to bring visitors to the blog through Karma points

Of course, the possibility of publishing on a very large spread is difficult because they do not allow anyone to publish its links in it, so in the beginning we have to work with small or new ones, where publishing on it is available and easy, but we have to target professionally, and of course I find that the easiest section can be targeted It is ‘funny’, where all we have to do is go around Facebook groups or pages for memes in your field of course, and it can also be collected from Twitter or Instagram easily, and from them we depend on obtaining Karma points and getting a good vote Upvotes, Thus, when collecting a good number of points, we can publish in a large and well-known Seb Reddit, which will enable us to obtain very strong results on our site, and here are some good areas:

  • Games: such as following the latest news of new games, such as PUBG, COD Mobile, and others.
  • Videos, which you can use to get YouTube views. How to increase YouTube views for free
  • Gamers, a section dedicated to gamers, where you can post YouTube videos
  • Android Android Here you can offer the latest solutions to phone problems, which can be easily obtained from specialized Western forums
  • Apple (iPhone), and as everyone knows, the Americans have the iPhone fever, and this provides a huge opportunity to work on it
  • Arabs, which is the name designated for the Arabs, in which it can be published, such as “top 10 ..” or “10 information ..” or medical information
  • Facebook Facebook, and here you can also adopt different forums to bring exclusive information to solve Facebook problems, or rather exploit it in the funny section, as we know most of the Facebook geeks are obsessed with watching various videos or funny pictures
  • Samsung, and here is a very large area to attract visitors from Europe by offering solutions to the problems of these endless phones and publishing articles or videos about installing the latest updates for them

We saw above the strongest and most important sections on the site that can be published and bring in huge traffic, and not all of these sections are so you can search alone and find what interests you such as marketing or seo and other fields, and of course it should not be our only concern to collect points, but rather We have to publish exclusive and useful things, and the points will come later.

How to get visitors to the blog through Karma points

4 – A way to use karma points to bring visitors to the blog

The first thing we have to talk about regarding karma points, is how to collect them? Of course, I gave you the most important sections in which you can publish, and as I said at the beginning, we publish exclusive information or solutions to new problems, and the solution is tried and effective so that we can get a vote of course, which is the secret of bringing points! And of course, I advise you to focus on the least number of sections that you are professional in only and know what is going on in them. Later, a more important stage comes, which is the correct exploitation of these points. We find a frequently asked question in the comments, and here we are trying to exploit that point (here are members of this section who need a solution), and this is what we will work on and search diligently until we find it and write an article that takes into account all the characteristics of SEO, and this is with the aim of not wasting points In vain, and these are the points that we worked so hard on with the aim of collecting them.

The method of work is very simple, so all we have to do is press Submit link in the sixth box in the image that we saw previously, after that what we will do is very easy, and of course this is after collecting good karma points, and we put a link to our site or video, Then we put a very suitable title, and I advise you at this point to study all the titles used in the spreadsheet that you will target, and choose among them the best wording for the title, with the change of course with the new topic that I brought, such as ’30 DIY IDEAS YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW’, and of course here I chose a title that has a lot of enthusiasm for the members, which will arouse their curiosity, and therefore at least 70% will try to find out what is in the subject, and if it is 30 great ideas, I will definitely get a good vote, and if it is Arabic content, for example, “Top 10 Android Games” or “Best 10 tricks at home. All you have to do is bring a good foreign address, and the only condition is that you do not speak in the video, but use only an audio background. At the same time, enter YouTube, then edit, search for translation, and translate the video title and description into English. Therefore, when visitors enter, they will find the same address in the post, and you get visits and high votes. As for articles, this trick cannot be exploited unless your site supports translation. For example, on WordPress there is a plugin that allows the article to be published in two languages. When the visitor enters directly, it turns The language is in English, and the article is found in English, and you get a strong, high-quality backlink.

Of course, you should avoid the poor wording of the topics, and in the event that you do not find English, seek the help of someone who writes for you from the micro-service sites, and in the event that you do not know how to design videos, the idea is very simple. Design a YouTube video player page on your site, and write a specific article below it so that it directs the person To your site, which has a YouTube player, and try to make the page similar to YouTube, and at the same time it will be a visit to your site, and this without you uploading the video? Use any video from YouTube, and thus avoid getting a downvote, and of course do not post too much topics to avoid being banned from the admin, but rather publish a few topics but with high quality, and from time to time I post pictures for entertainment and useful things such as tips and others.

5 – Get traffic to your site from Reddit via Pinterest

as seen in ‘ Get traffic to your site on amni8 Pinterest was very important, and I consider it one of the best ever in this field, but did you ever think that we could combine its work and strength with Reddit, as Pinterest makes it incredibly easy for us to work on Reddit, where the site will benefit us In the correct targeting and identifying the audience that comes with the greatest amount of interaction, and thus obtaining the largest amount of visits in a record period, the method is as follows:
  • Of course, we must have a website on Pinterest, and I explained this and how the website works in the previous course.
  • What we do after registration is write the search word that we want to work on with the word Reddit, for example ‘reddit Cat’.
  • After that, a very large amount of images will appear to us, and these are the images that a group of active members on Reddit shared, and therefore any image with a reddit link on it indicates a subreddit interested in the keyword we are working on, which is Cat in our example.
  • Now we must have already logged in to reddit, and therefore when you click on the image and open the link, the targeted Sub reddit will appear with us, where we will subscribe to it and interact with members, by commenting and sharing for a period of no less than 15 days or up to 30 days And so on until we get the trust of the admin of this branch, and if we reach the point of the member interacting with him, we will publish the posts related to our work, and of course in this article we publish the links to the articles for visitors, and it is also possible to promote affiliate offers and Other .
Get your traffic from Reddit via Pinterest
Get your traffic from Reddit via Pinterest

As you have seen, the method requires some patience from us, but we have shortened a lot of searching for the sub-domain in Reddit, and thus you will be able to seize opportunities directly, and the goal of Reddit is not only to bring visitors, but to gain confidence in the Google search engine, even if we have The luck of getting some fame on Reddit, getting to the first search results on Google becomes very easy.

6 – Video explanations for getting visitors to your site from Reddit for free

+ Sites similar to Reddit to bring traffic to your site

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